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Published on July 15, 2019

Tips For Crafting Best Essays

Tips For Crafting Best Essays

Crafting excellent essays of different genres is indeed an art that gets refined with constant daily practice and solemn efforts on the part of budding authors. While more and more practice does refine and streamline the essay writing process and allied matters, the fact remains that being comfortable and adept with the topic and able to do full justice to it through diligent research processes.

The first aspect for any good and competing essay is the topic and its exposition during the essay deliberations. The topic should be clear, cogent, unambiguous and should relay the real essence of the matter to be covered. After a good topic sentence or statement is scaffolded, it is important that the author visits many sites, go through many books and articles, journals to gain different kinds of perspectives about the topic. A certain amount of brainstorming sessions must be conducted and its results gained. Indeed plenty of ideas would be generated during brainstorming sessions, but the author needs to exercise care, caution and discretion to only considered germane and relevant for the paper.


Next, after all, necessary and important resources and materials have been gained, it is now essential that the points are linked together and synchronized to form coherent, cohesive and appropriate data and matter.


Now comes the most important aspect of the essay and that is the introduction of the topic and affording the reader what is in store in this essay. If needed the aims and objectives of this essay study, essay research questions, research hypothesis, and other aspects must also be considered.

Next, the body part must be subdivided into five or six paragraphs which offer varied arguments, pros, and cons regarding the topic under essay study. While three paragraphs with appropriate pare opening sentences shall support the hypothesis. The rest two or three paragraphs would oppose, or counter it.


After all the arguments and counterarguments, finally, the author would have to offer views on validating or negating the hypothesis and offering the concluding verdicts. For instance, in a case involving capital punishment there could be opinions upholding the death sentence, or penalty, of grounds of terrible nature of the crime, need for recompense to victim’s family, need for commensuration of punishment with nature, degree, and intensity of the crime, etc. But on the flip side, there is also need that death sentences should not be carried out for simple reason that if later, if transpires that the accused person is innocent, nothing in the world could be done to bring back the hanged accused, again on humanitarian grounds, and also state-sponsored murders or hangings, are no better than crimes committed by the accused. Death sentences do not serve also to act as major deterrents as evidence has pointed out. As a matter of fact, more violent crimes occur in States where the death sentence is in vogue as compared to States in which the death sentence is not applied.


Thus when crafting essays, there is a need to consider all aspects and form a strong, logical and conclusive conclusion. An easy method is to approach the professionals helping to write an essay and learn all the essay writing techniques practically.