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Framing future of design education

Organized by UNTY

Framing future of design education3 months left to enter
  • OrganizerUNTY
  • CategoryEducation, Design/Architecture
  • PrizeCash, Publicity
  • RegionGlobal
  • EligibilityOpen to everyone
  • Deadline2019-11-28
Go compete!

Create a new design school and win grand prize money up to $20,000!

Most schools today may be replicating the techniques of Bauhaus as is. But the times have changed and the techniques used by Bauhaus might not be fit for the current times. However, the philosophies of Bauhaus transcend barriers of time as even Sir Norman Foster affirms the “Ideologies of Bauhaus are more relevant today than ever.” 

Design Challenge: How can we reinterpret philosophies of Bauhaus to create a new design school that fosters a futuristic, bold and radical learning environment in the context of today and tomorrow?

The design challenge can begin with design disciplines that exist today like Architecture, Visual Communication Design, Graphic Design, Textile design or Conceive new disciplines entirely springing from fundamental learning programs. The competition will not focus on creating curriculums but innovation in spaces that nurture them.